Signing up with Elite Fit for Life will gain you the ability to work with Clarissa Gannon. Clarissa Gannon has pursued her passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.  She is now the founder, CEO and the drive behind Elite. In addition to countless studies regarding health, wellness, fitness, anatomy, and physiology,  having completed:

*NCI Nutrition L1

*NCI Nutrition L2

*Nutrition and Dietetics

*Sports Nutrition

*Precision Nutrition -PN1

*Precision Nutrition - PN2
*Iyengar Yoga- Beginning Yoga Certification
*30 Hour Yin Yoga Instruct
ion Certification
*ASFA- Master Trainer

I knew the diet industry was broken, I knew there was ton of bad and outdated information available to anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle. And I knew there a multitude of misinformation regarding body composition and performance as a Vegan.

So I built Elite to fix these problems.

You don't need to keep looking for answers.

To find out more about Clarissa, please read her story.