World Wide Online Virtual Personal Coaching

 Online virtual personal training.

All Plans include:

*  Initial consultation. We set your goals, obtain health clearance, and determine your metabolic needs.

*  Weekly or bi-weekly check-ins for accountability.

*  Weekly progress evaluations to help you reach your goals.  

*  Email support 24/7


 * Access to Group Support


 * Access to Instructional Video

*  Access to the Elite Coaching Portal, virtual training videos, and instruction available 24/7 at your convenience. No 4 AM sessions unless that's what you want!

*  Programs are based on your own musculature needs, incorporating any fitness or lifestyle goals you may have, using NASM and Precision Nutrition's highest standards of Physical and Nutritional training. It's time to take the Elite road.

*  Nutrition programs are science-based. Proven formulas.  PN and NCI backed. Completely customized and adjusted bi-weekly, to ensure that you reach your goals. 


16 Weeks  One on One coaching
Individualized fitness.  Designed for you, your body, your goals, and your timeframe.
Video instruction for every exercise.  How many sets, how many reps, what type of intensity to use. ZERO guesswork for you.
Video call forms checks- if needed
Customized nutrition guidelines
Access to healthy whole food recipes as well as vegan recipes
Give me 100% effort, and I will give you results- guaranteed.


16  Weeks One on One  Nutrition Coaching

Finally, really and truly learn actual science and evidenced-based information in regards to your nutrition.  
We provide you with real tools to learn how to eat, not just to meet a weight or fat loss goal, but more importantly how to manage your food intake long term to be your fittest and healthiest. 
We use integrative software for daily healthy habit coaching. Providing information as well as short daily actions to build a lifetime of healthy habits, not just about what you choose but to help improve your overall health and wellbeing.
Access to healthy whole food recipes as well as vegan recipes

Group Coaching

16, 32 or 52 week option

Join the elite online group for a workout program that can be done from literally anywhere, its even Covid restriction friendly.

Customized nutrition coaching for each client.

Video instruction for each exercise.

Integrative nutrition coaching.

Bi weekly check ins and adjustments.

Supportive community.


And more!

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